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Typically, the goal is to find your dream home, however, finding it is only the beginning. What if you sell your current home before you find a new one? What if you haven't sold it in time to close on your dream home? Can you afford to pay TWO mortgages until it sells? The FlaPropertyFinder.com Team will help you answer all of these questions before they become serious issues. Unlike traditional home sales, where you can miss out on your dream home while waiting for your current house to sell,

Keller Williams Realty Tampa Central 's new partnership with Knock Home Swap gets you into your new home first!


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In a fast or slow real estate market, buying and selling a home can be distressing, frustrating, and can ultimately cost sellers the money needed to purchase another home. In a sellers market inventory is low, homes sell fast, and sellers often have a difficult time finding a new home quickly after listing their existing home on the market for sale. If they can't qualify for new financing while having an existing mortgage, then they may have to put offers on new homes with a sale contingency for their own home which puts them at a disadvantage, especially if there are multiple offers. A buyers market has given buyers leverage in negotiations, forcing sellers to often accept less than their property is worth. Sometimes trading your home can be the solution in the current real estate market. The FlaPropertyFinder.com Team can help you find the house you want and find someone who wants to buy yours.

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