Foreclosures, Pre-Foreclosures, Bank Owned REO Properties and Short Sales for sale in Tampa, Florida

Foreclosures are running wild in Tampa Bay Florida and now is your chance to take advantage of all the great deals that are out there. There are different types of Tampa foreclosures such as:

  • Pre-foreclosure - a home is about to be foreclosed on by the lender who holds the mortgage on the property. Most often the seller is months behind on the payment and can't catch up.
  • Short Sale - the home owner owes more on the mortgage than the home is worth, is also currently behind in payments and the lender is about to foreclose. The lender then agrees to sell the home to a new owner for less than market value just to get rid of the property. Short sales are a mess right now due to lender confusion and lack of manpower and can take 3+ months to close or even get an answer. If you need to close quickly or have a solid idea of where you are going to live, short sales are probably not for you.
  • In-foreclosure - the lender or bank has started the process of foreclosure but the home has not yet been foreclosed on.
  • Bank Owned or REO - The bank or lender has foreclosed on the home and now owns the property. The home is then placed on the market for sale normally below market value. We have been noticing the good deals going in about 2-3 days. Many times placing a low offer on these types of properties is not a good idea because you will lose to another bidder.  

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