Get a Cash Offer from Keller Offers Tampa

Keller Williams Realty now offers the option for home seller's to get a cash offer on your home via Keller Offers Tampa instead of listing the for sale the traditional way. Some sellers don't want to deal with the hassle of selling their home the traditional way... so Keller Offers Tampa was created as a way for homeowners to sell quickly and easily with the least amount of hassle, but still receive professional representation by a Keller Williams Tampa real estate agent. 


Today, potential home sellers are getting harassed daily by aggressive "cash offer now" investors and other ibuyers such as Open door and Zillow.
Once a seller inputs there address into one of these investor portals, they immediately get bombarded by many phone calls, texts, emails and people stopping by. These portals try to strongarm the homeowner into signing a contract, and if not then they sell off the the homeowners contact info to whomever will buy it. 

Get a cash offer on my home in Tampa FL
The problem is that if the homeowner signs a contract directly with an ibuyer or investor, they won't have any representation and it leaves the door open for the home seller to be taken advantage of by someone who doesn't have their best interest at heart. We see it time and time again where a home seller has thrown away tens of thousands of dollars for a little extra added convenience. 

Michael Valdes of Keller Williams Realty Tampa Central is the first agent in Tampa Bay FL to achieve the distinguished Keller Offers KOCiB Certification and can represent you in the sale of your home to an ibuyer. Michael will also present all options to you on how to achieve top dollar for your home if selling to an investor is not the best option for you. 

***ALERT*** Zillow has suspended purchasing new homes at this time ... they have also cancelled current contracts with home sellers, but Keller Offers is still buying and making offers....Contact us below or call us today at 813-756-1037 


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*further information will be needed in order for a cash offer to be made